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After spending so much time sheltering in place this year, many of us discovered just how important our spaces can be. For our third annual Real Simple Home, we partnered with a roster of talented designers and organizers to share ideas for making every area inviting, calming, and ultra-functional. Step inside, and make yourself comfortable!
We asked pro designers to solve some major design challenges—check out what they did.
You'll wish you'd known this sooner.
It can be difficult for most people to hang a gallery wall that's not just a little off, but these tools of the trade can help.
Art can help a space tell your story. Learn how to buy it, where to find it, and how to arrange it for a room that perfectly reflects you and your family.
From the trunk, to the glove compartment, to the center console—here's how to organize your entire car.
Whip up smart solutions for food storage supplies with these creative tips.
Got grimy stove grates, a gunky faucet, a filmy sink? Here's how to tackle the most cursed nooks and surfaces. Grab a toothbrush.
What do you get when a designer teams up with an organizer to redo a kitchen? A space that's as beautiful as it is ultra-functional.
For our second annual Real Simple Home, we gathered a talented crew of designers and organizers to create a functional family space full of inspiring ideas. Come on in and take a tour!