Sarah Lemire headshot
Sarah Lemire headshot

Sarah Lemire

Sarah began her career in news and broadcast television before transitioning to print and digital content in 2008. Since then, she's written hundreds of stories covering everything from travel and in-depth features to health and personal finance. Sarah was a featured columnist for the Hartford Courant for more than five years, with a compilation of her columns recently published in the book "I'll Never be a Hand Model (and other stories I tell my therapist)."

Award-winning lifestyle and features writer for more than a decade with hundreds of published stories.
Articles spanning a diverse array of topics including health, home, holidays, food, finance, fashion, shopping, travel, wellness, and weddings.
Contributed articles to Better Homes & Gardens, Health, Real Simple, Parents, LA Times, New York Daily News, The Daily Meal, Chicago Tribune, Hartford Courant, and more.
Whether you're leaving a restaurant tip or a gratuity for a hairdresser, a little financial gratitude goes a long way. Let's just say it builds your savings in the karma bank.