Rebecca Daly

Rebecca Daly is the Senior Fashion Editor of Real Simple. An expert on all things style, she’s a go-to resource for everything from the most flattering fit to the latest runway trends to where to score the perfect heels (at any budget).

Getting dressed is a daily struggle—but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine you opened your closet door to find a complete capsule wardrobe of pieces you love, and that every item mixed and matched to create a seemingly endless combination of outfits.
Ready for a wardrobe purge? Start with the items on this list and you’ll be feeling clutter-free and organized in no time.
These do-it-all sports bras will feel like a second skin, whether you're running, walking, or napping.
Done up in seagrass, raffia, or straw, the season’s woven straw handbags come in every shape and style.
Your basic white tee is more versatile than you think. Here's how to style it—for the office, a casual Saturday, and a get together with friends.
That basic hanging in your closet is more versatile than you think.
Petite, plus-size, stain-resistant? Real Simple editors have found the best button-ups in every category.
From better fits to more comfortable construction, these latest bra innovations mean there’s a perfect bra for every body. 
They’re fun, they’re on trend, and there’s not a stiletto in sight.
With their cushiony rubber soles and supple, move-with-you material, these summer-ready styles are crazy comfortable and look way cuter than your running shoes.
To ease wardrobe woes as one season turns into the next, incorporate these comfortable options into your everyday style.
Any body type can pull of the sleek cut of a pencil skirt with a few helpful pointers.
That basic hanging in your closet is more versatile than you think.
The celebrity stylist may be part of the high-end fashion world, but the prices of her stunning wedding dresses (and more) are accessible even for brides on a budget. 
This winter style staple will make you look forward to cold weather (really).
Give fall’s coed-inspired styles the old college try. These affordable deals take top honors no matter what your age.
Talk about teamwork. These nine office essentials create a complete fall wardrobe that will see you from Monday to Friday—and beyond.
Seriously, it's not just for celebs. 
That basic hanging in your closet is more versatile than you think. Here’s gow to style your white shirt for any occasion.
One of the things that gets everyone so excited for fall weather isn’t just the gorgeous changing of the leaves to brilliant gold and crimson, the multiple opportunities for autumnal events (hello, apple picking and pumpkin carving!) or even the much-anticipated arrival of everyone’s favorite seasonal specialty (we’re looking at you, Pumpkin Spice Lattes). No, it’s the return to a style of dressing that manages to combine the best of both worlds—one part cozy and comfortable, and one part effortlessly chic—that can only be accomplished by the skilled layering of cool-weather essentials like sweaters and knits, and accented just-so by our all-time favorite footwear—boots.
The easiest way any woman can look great without really trying? Invest in a versatile white blouse. Six women choose the white shirt that best expresses their style.
Bored of basic sneakers and jeans? Create one-of-a-kind, customized pieces—no sewing skills needed!