Rebecca Chamaa headshot
Rebecca Chamaa headshot

Rebecca Chamaa

Rebecca Chamaa started her relationship with money in her preteen years with her first job as a babysitter. Since that time, Rebecca has continued to develop ways to keep more of the money she makes. She's interested in real estate, stocks, bonds, retirement, credit cards, loans, and any way to create a healthy relationship to investments and money. She makes it her hobby and job to find new ways to think about money, save money, and make money.

* Six years of writing about mental health, primarily schizophrenia, and anxiety.
* Two years of writing about faith and spirituality.
* Teaches weekly workshops for writers.
* Currently studying Narrative Medicine in a graduate program at Columbia University.
* Author of the Book, Pills Poetry and Prose, Life with Schizophrenia, and a workbook designed for the purpose of self-care.
* Awarded a grant from Janssen Pharmaceutical to teach writing workshops to mental health advocates. Taught the workshop to over 500 participants.
* Volunteer for Human Library
Setting up a self-imposed allowance system is simple, and it's never too late to start one as a fun form of basic budgeting, combined with other good money habits.