Molly Simms

Molly Simms is an editorial director at Katie Couric Media and former senior editor of O, The Oprah Magazine. She has nearly 15 years of journalism experience. Her work has appeared in Martha Stewart Living, Entertainment Weekly, Real Simple, and other publications.

* Nearly 15 years of journalism experience
* Editorial director at Katie Couric Media
* Former senior editor of O, The Oprah Magazine
* Former staff editor at Entertainment Weekly
* Former senior editor at BUST Magazine
* Former associate editor at Nielsen
* Former private investigator
* Winner of a Folio award
Pop, clink, fizz, fizz—oh, what a (stress) relief ASMR is. Read on for chills, tingles, and lots of crackly-sounding fried food.
Including how to make sure you're getting plenty of protein, eating an adequate amount of iron, and not replacing eggs with cookies.
For starters, Detroit-style pies typically have cheese all the way out to their square edges so the melted fat gets infused into the dough (swoon).