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This step-by-step guide dials down the “ew” factor and plays up the “ah” factor with expert tips and tricks for a perfectly-carved pumpkin.

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8 Simple Steps to Burying a Grudge (and Promoting Your Own Good Health)

A family feud. A cold war with a neighbor. A workplace injustice. It might feel right to hold on to your sense of being wronged—but you may end up with more than your share of the suffering. Here’s how to move forward.
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How to Lend Money to Family Without Ruining Your Relationship(s)

It’s a relief if you can turn to family in a pinch—and you want the feeling to be mutual. But money and family can be a combustible mix, so follow this expert advice before you lend money to family.
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Is It Better to Use the Dishwasher or Hand-Wash Your Dishes?

We know which method will give you more time to binge-watch your latest Netflix obsession, but what’s better for the planet, your dishes, and your wallet?
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Should You Store Bath Towels in the Bathroom?

Having a fresh, fluffy stack of bath towels at your fingertips seems like a smart idea—but is it just a breeding ground for germs?
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Should You Let People Wear Shoes In Your Home? We Asked a Pro

You don’t know where those shoes have been—but you don’t want to be rude. What’s the right answer?
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How to Enjoy More Alone Time—Without Feeling Lonely (or Guilty)

There are proven benefits to spending time by yourself. Learn to carve out time for yourself that feels like a restorative treat.
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Is it Better for Your Kid to Join the Gym, or Play a Team Sport?

Activity is important for kids of all ages. But when it comes to regular exercise, what’s the best way to get them moving?
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How to Order Wine at a Restaurant Without Feeling Awkward About It

When you’re staring at a restaurant list, how can you tell what’s good? Two winemakers share the secret to ordering right every time.