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As August approaches, we don’t know about you, but we’re hot! This week, you’ll find items you can pop in the freezer to help you stay cool through the dog days of summer. 
There's a certain anxiety we all feel about protecting our pets, much like keeping our children safe, because, after all, they're a part of the family too. This week, you'll find two products—one that will keep them from getting dehydrated and the other that will prevent them from getting lost—both of which will give you major peace of mind.
It’s time for a smarter backyard barbecue. This summer, don’t let anything keep you from enjoying time spent outside with your guests, whether it’s pesky mosquitoes, seemingly endless silks to remove from your corn on the cob, or open flames while grilling. These clever items will make being the host feel less like work.
As summer ramps up, we’re saying ‘yes’ to any item that will make our lives easier so we can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying. We’re giving you back your precious time in the form of comfortable (and cute!) slip-on sneakers, sunglasses you won’t lose, and a serving bowl that won’t spill but will keep your food fresh on the go. Grab a few of these helpers, then revel in your summer plans, worry-free; we all deserve it. 
This week, we found a fire pit for entertaining guests on the patio and other items for helping you enjoy the great outdoors this summer.