Margaret Littman
Margaret Littman

Margaret Littman

For nearly three decades, Margaret Littman has written for a cross-section of publications, including Preservation, Entrepreneur, Chicago magazine, the LA Times, Outside Business Journal, AARP, Real Simple, Health, and many others. She has spent decades finding the unexpected stories and amplifying others' voices.

Curiosity, journalism skills, and luck have allowed Margaret to explore eclectic topics in her freelance writing and editing career, ranging from how food and dining can change gentrification to the pre-pandemic shortage of hotel rooms in Music City. She has a soft spot for the Southeast and for writing about economics and business in terms that make numbers understandable. She writes about eastern Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama, with an emphasis on Nashville, where she lives. She loves to get outdoors.

* Two-time finalist for the Chicago Headline Club's Peter Lisagor Award
* Dog Writers Association of America general interest magazine Maxwell award in 2002
* MSJ from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University
* Author of guidebooks to the Southeast under the Moon imprint, including "52 Things to do in Nashville."
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