Laura Wheatman Hill headshot
Laura Wheatman Hill headshot

Laura Wheatman Hill

Laura Wheatman Hill is a prolific writer who writes about the intersections between parenting, health care, education, and life in general for Real Simple, Parents, Health, and other publications. From her voice-driven personal essays to her heavily reported articles, she delivers high-quality content on time and with a commitment to telling stories that will help people, even if it's with a laugh. She specializes in parenting content but likes to use her interests in all things education, entertainment, health, and finance to drive her reporting.

Laura has two kids and one pandemic puppy and lives in Oregon. She has a Masters of Arts in teaching and 14 years of experience teaching English and drama to kids of all ages. She reads, but not as much as she'd like, and enjoys the golden age of television a bit more than she'd like. She was and always will be a theater kid and sometimes even writes plays.

Bachelor's degree in theater (directing) and english from Willamette University
Master's degree, secondary English and drama from Willamette University
certified in PK-12 English and drama
essays in four anthologies
No one enters a marriage expecting it to end in divorce. You don't expect to be hospitalized, either—but you still have health insurance. A prenup is marriage insurance—and it's for everyone.