Kim Toscano, Gardening Writer
Kim Toscano, Gardening Writer

Kim Toscano

Kim Toscano is a gardening expert and writer who has worked in horticulture and communications for over twenty years, using her scientific training and practical experience to educate and inspire gardeners. She began her career studying invasive plant and insect species before taking a role with the Cooperative Extension Service, which she served for 11 years, initially as an educator with Michigan's Master Gardener program.

In 2007, Kim moved to Oklahoma to serve as writer and host for Oklahoma Gardening, a weekly PBS television program produced by the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. During her seven-plus years as host, she shared her expertise through more than 1,000 video segments covering all aspects of gardening, environmental stewardship, and sustainable living. She is currently a contributor to national gardening media, including Fine Gardening and Southern Living Plant Collection.
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