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Parker House Rolls
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If you're trying to DIY iced coffee at home, don't start with regular brewed coffee. Ordinary coffee brewed with hot water releases acids and oils that can make your iced coffee taste bitter. Instead, start with cold brew coffee concentrate, which is super easy to make at home: just coarsely ground coffee beans and water left to steep overnight. For the ultimate iced coffee, pour the concentrate over ice with a little water and a little liquid syrup—either agave, simple syrup (a heated combo of sugar and water), or your favorite flavored coffee syrup, if you want to add a touch of vanilla or hazelnut flavor to your iced coffee recipe. Then top it off with a little half-and-half for the perfect iced coffee at home.
Take one look at how much cold brew costs at the local café and we promise you'll want to make it at home immediately. Good news: cold brew coffee is one of those drinks that sounds extra fancy, but it's actually a low-maintenance method for making better iced coffee. The key to any cold brew coffee recipe is to let coarsely-ground beans steep for a long time. You'll do this until the water becomes infused with coffee flavor, about 10 hours. The end result is a super smooth, rich, and highly caffeinated batch of cold brew concentrate that you can sip as is with ice, or dilute with milk or cream. You can also try it in place of the liquid in a banana-peanut butter smoothie, or blend it with vanilla ice cream for a java milkshake.
Stock your pantry and fridge with these nutritious staples. 
Spaghetti Squash Parmesan
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Spaghetti squash is a pretty incredible veggie: when roasted, it turns into pasta-like strands (the perfect vessel for cheese and sauce). When halved and hollowed out, the squash becomes its own bowl, which you can pile the cheesy squash mixture back into. Store-bought marinara sauce means minimal hands-on time, and the crispy breadcrumbs add some delicious crunch on top. Basically, we’ve created a vegetarian-friendly neighborhood Italian favorite—and we cannot stop raving about it. Make it on a weeknight for the family (they’ll start requesting it often), on Saturday night for guests, or as a festive vegetarian holiday main. If your market only has small squashes, don’t fret! Buy two and follow the recipe as written, dividing the mixture between four halves, instead of two.