Dawn Perry

Here’s What to Do With Those Canned Green Chiles

One tiny can of chopped green chiles can add big flavor to everything from eggs to salsa.

No-Churn Papaya Ice Cream

What is there to say about no-churn papaya ice cream? So much. First of all, it’s way easier to make than regular ice cream, since all you have to do is whip up heavy cream with sweetened condensed milk and fold in some papaya. No special equipment needed! Not to mention, it’s delicious, too. Scoop right out of the freezer or turn into decadent sundaes with roasted pineapple, toasted coconut flakes, and a sprinkle of flaky sea salt.

These Are the 3 Knives Every Home Cook Needs 

Most kitchen tasks can be tackled with just three essential knives. Learn what they are, what they do, and how to chop like a pro.

Here’s What to Do with Those Leftover Frozen Peas

Three clever recipes that will get veggies onto your plate—and out of your freezer.

Sesame-Scallion Noodles

When it comes to easy weeknight dinners, there are few foods more comforting than sesame-scallion noodles from the local Chinese restaurant. This homemade rendition, however, is about to give the takeout spot a run for its money. For starters, with a prep time of 15 minutes, this dish comes together faster than the delivery guy can make it to your house. The method is simple: while your noodles simmer, you'll mix the sesame-ginger sauce in a food processor. Everything comes together at the end when you warm the spaghetti, sauce, and scallions together in a sauté pan and top them with a shower of sesame seeds. Go ahead, toss that takeout menu in the recycling bin.

Bacon and Onion Croque Monsieur

This recipe disproves the saying that there can be too much of a good thing. A Croque Monsieur is essentially a grilled cheese that’s stuffed with creamy béchamel sauce and topped with melted cheese. Here, you’ll take it up a notch with crispy bacon and rings of red onion to balance the richness (plus, they just look cool, too). Pair these sandwiches with peppery greens tossed with a bracing mustard vinaigrette to round out the meal, or do as the French do and turn it into a Croque Madame by topping this decadent sandwich with a fried egg.

Spiced Lentil Soup With Walnuts and Cilantro

Simple ingredients, complex flavor—that’s the name of the game with this easy lentil soup, which comes together easily from everyday kitchen staples. The best part is its flexibility, you can use whatever lentils you have on hand—the cooking time will vary, but they all break down into a warm and comforting dish. Then, you’ll top each bowl with a rough-chopped gremolata made from walnuts, cilantro, and lemon to brighten the earthy flavors of the soup. Note: This recipe cuts down on prep time by making use of a food processor to chop the vegetables—but if you don’t have one, just chop finely by hand.

Cheesy Baked Beans and Tomatoes

Holy bubbly hot goodness! This recipe transforms pantry ingredients like canned beans and tomatoes into a wonderfully comforting weeknight dinner—and all in just 20 minutes. Fragrant oregano and garlic help coax pizza-like flavors out of these everyday staples, resulting in a bubbling, saucy skillet perfect for mopping sauce up with toasted bread. If you have fresh basil on hand, top each serving with a few leaves to enhance the pizza vibe. Round out the meal with a crunchy green salad and a bottle of red wine.

Spinach and Parmesan Dutch Baby

A Dutch baby is basically a gigantic pancake—what’s not to like? This savory version combines salty Parmesan and black pepper in the batter, topped with wilted spinach and more Parm for over-the-top deliciousness. The resulting pancake has a light and eggy interior and a crackly golden crust. It’s a family friendly dish that’s great for breakfast, brunch, or dinner. Serve with a side of bacon, or even fried eggs to make it more filling. Pro tip: The key to a great Dutch baby is getting the skillet good and hot before you add the batter, so don’t skip that step!

Honey Nut Popcorn

Addictive. Delicious. Can’t. Stop. Eating. That’s the best way to describe this candylike popcorn recipe, which comes together from standard pantry staples. You’ll make a quick butter-spiked honey sauce that has a generous dose of salt to balance the sweetness and add sophistication. Choose your favorite nut to stir in, or go for a mix of a few. Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds would even taste great, too. Serve the popcorn as an afternoon treat with tea or pair with a bitter cocktail to play off the sugary honey.