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A simple, yet delicious potato recipe that's perfect for any occasion.
Ah, Valentine’s Day—a celebration of love, affection, and appreciation... and Valentine’s Day gifts, of course. Whether you plan to enjoy a romantic dinner for two or a cozy night at home, it’s always nice to spend quality time with your partner and create lasting memories. And if you’re looking to spoil your sweetheart this Feb. 14, we’ve got you covered with some great Valentine gifts for him (plus plenty of Valentine’s Day ideas for her, of course). Real Simple’s editors have searched high and low for the best gift ideas for men (whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, partner, or beau) that are functional, luxurious, and personal, and the list we’ve created truly has it all. Find the greatest gifts for any type of man—from the snazzy dresser or frequent traveler to the beer connoisseur. Whether he’s an astute businessman who spends most of his days brokering deals in the office, an enthusiastic foodie with an insatiable appetite (no pun intended) for the coolest new snack crazes, a trend-driven designer with a penchant for home decor, or a kid at heart, these choices are certain to satisfy even the most particular man. Looking for a gift that serves a dual purpose? Perhaps a new smart home device will strike your boyfriend’s fancy. Is your husband a golfer? Let him practice his swing with an indoor putting green. Does your partner love to prepare home-cooked meals? Add a brand new Shun knife to his kitchenware collection. Elevate your man’s sock and underwear drawer with some high-quality items—it may not seem like a super-fun gift, but trust us: He’ll be thanking you for the upgrade. And, for those men in your life who are a bit more traditional, we’ve rounded up some classics: a whimsical tie with a modern twist, a luxe shaving kit, and a practical-but-stylish cooler. So, go ahead and peruse our handpicked list of Valentine’s Day gifts for him to spark some cute ideas for every personality type. Shopping for your Valentine has never been this easy—this year, it might be even easier than picking Valentine’s Day gifts for kids or Valentine card ideas. RELATED:35 Unique Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything
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I have a serious sweet tooth. You know that scene in Home Alone when Kevin McCallister is eating the world’s biggest ice cream sundae? Well, that has been a life-long dream of mine since I first saw the movie 30 years ago. But as much as I love desserts and candy, they don't love me back—as soon as I overdose on sugar, I feel sluggish and my skin seems to break out overnight. I still need a sweet treat every night after dinner, though, which is where this dessert comes into play: a decadent alternative to the endless amount of banana bread I've been baking. Say hello to chocolate covered banana bites with almond butter. The combination of chocolate, banana, and almond butter is pretty hard to top. If you’re like me and crave a little salty and a little sweet, you’re going to want to make these immediately. And that’s the other perk—they’re beyond easy to make.
After a busy work day and taking care of the family, cooking a nutritious and tasty meal may be the last thing you want to do. Oftentimes it’s much easier to cook a box of pasta or forage through the fridge for a quick and filling meal, but cooking something healthy and delicious doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Usually, I’m pretty diligent about meal prepping every Sunday, but a few weeks ago, I didn’t have time to even run to the supermarket. Using the ingredients I already had, I tried to come up with a quick and easy recipe to make for dinner that night. After rummaging through the pantry and freezer, I decided I was going to make some sort of spicy chicken using a jar of salsa verde and boneless, skinless chicken breasts. What I ended up with was one of the easiest, least expensive, and most versatile dishes I’ve ever made. This spicy shredded chicken was insanely delicious all on its own, but you can enjoy it anyway you’d like. The first time I made this dish, I spooned some chicken into taco shells and topped it with diced red onion, avocado, and fresh cilantro. I’ve also served it on top of rice and added some jalapenos for an extra kick. 
When I was in my 20s, my weekends looked something like this: meet friends for happy hour immediately after work on Friday, bottomless brunch on Saturday, followed by an evening of bar hopping and late night pizza. Sunday was always my designated day to do absolutely nothing. I’d lay on the couch and nurse my hangover with the help of an egg sandwich and an exorbitant amount of The Real Housewives.  Now that I'm in my 30s, I can’t “hang” like I used to. Don’t get me wrong, I love to split a bottle of wine with my husband or enjoy a few cocktails with my girlfriends, but it usually comes with a price: a three-day long hangover.  Since sugar is usually the root cause of a mega hangover, my friend and I tried exploring different ways to create a less-sweet iteration of our favorite cocktail...the margarita. A traditional margarita consists of tequila, orange liqueur (such as Triple Sec or Cointreau), fresh lime juice, and simple syrup. And while a freshly made margarita is delicious and refreshing, it’s still very likely that you’ll get a bit of a headache after just one or two.  After plenty of trial and error, we finally figured out how to make the perfect “hangover-free margarita” and it’s all thanks to one ingredient: coconut water.  It took a few attempts to get our concoction just right, but we nailed it. We created a smooth, tart, and tasty cocktail that leaves you feeling fresh as a daisy the next day. Since then, we’ve introduced this drink to our friends and family, and everyone goes absolutely crazy for it. I guess you can say this is one cocktail that'll make you feel like you’re in your 20s again.
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