Ananda Eidelstein

These three inspiring summer spreads are easy on the cook and even better for a crowd. Follow our menus, mix and match, or serve one standout alongside burgers and dogs.

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3 Delicious Recipes Using Almond Flour

It’s the ultimate go-to for cooks avoiding gluten, but this wonder ingredient—which really is just finely ground blanched almonds—belongs in everyone’s pantry.
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3 Ways to Cook With Chia Seeds That Don’t Involve Smoothies

Tiny but mighty, these black seeds are rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3s (which are healthy for the heart, brain, and seemingly everything else).
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3 Steel-Cut Oats Recipes That Go Beyond Breakfast

Here are three genius ways to use one of our favorite pantry staples: steel-cut oats.
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My Trip to Mexico City Took an Unexpected Turn—But Resulted in 6 Delicious Twists on Traditional Recipes

Eating around this vibrant city inspired a new collection of recipes that are all bursting with flavor and easy enough to make on a weeknight. We call them: Modern Mexican.
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We Turned 3 Slow Cooker Recipes Into 9 Delicious Dinners—Here's How

Use your cooker (or Instant Pot!) to make extra helpings of a cozy fall dinner. The best part? Discovering three ways to enjoy each dish.
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We Tried 133 Types of Salad Dressing—These 5 Are Worthy of Your Greens

After taste-testing 135 varieties, we found the five best salad dressings. With dressing this good, you’ll want a salad with every meal.