Amanda Lauren

Amanda Lauren, freelance writer for Real Simple
Title: Freelance Contributor
Education: Bucknell University
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Expertise: Lifestyle, Interior Design

Amanda Lauren is a contributor to Forbes, Forbes Global Properties, Real Simple, Reader’s Digest, Simply Recipes, Bob Vila, and A Sweat Life among other publications, writing about interior design and lifestyle. She also hosts a podcast called Bougie Adjacent where she interviews celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Amanda appreciates traditional and contemporary interior designs and believes pink can be incorporated into any room of the home. 


  • Forbes Contributor
  • Line of holiday placemats with Elizabeth Sutton Collection
  • Designed The Hamptons Collection For ArtSugar


Amanda Lauren contributes regularly to Forbes and other publications about interior design and lifestyle topics. She also hosts a podcast called Bougie Adjacent where she interviews celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneurs about their homes, products, and lifestyle. 

Amanda has had two home decor lines including a holiday placemat line with Elizabeth Sutton Collection. She also designed The Hamptons Collection for ArtSugar. 

In addition to providing her expertise for many publications regularly, she has appeared on Cheddar TV and Good Morning America to discuss design trends.

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