You Can Microwave Bowls Inside These ‘Genius’ Pot Holders That Prevent You From Burning Your Hands

A pack of four is under $20.

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Aticca Microwave Bowl Holders for Hot Food Set TOUT


Almost all of us have placed a bowl into the microwave and eagerly awaited the end of the cooking cycle only to burn our hands as we removed our meal from inside. And the problem only persists if you had hoped to hold onto your bowl while watching TV. Remembering to grab a pot holder is one way to save your hands, but Amazon shoppers say this under-$20 set of microwaveable bowl holders is an even better way to solve this pesky problem. 

Unlike a traditional pot holder that’s designed for you to use to remove items from your microwave, oven, or stove, the Attica pot holders are specially designed to wrap around a bowl while it’s inside of the microwave. This means that, because the bowl pot holder acts as a constant barrier, you can have total peace of mind that you won’t burn your hands. Right now you can scoop up a set of four microwaveable bowl koozies in seven different colors and patterns while it’s on sale for $19 (that’s less than $5 apiece).

Aticca Microwave Bowl Holders for Hot Food Set


To buy: $19 (was $20);

“I HATE burning my hands trying to remove a bowl of ramen from the microwave—this is a game changer,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “I didn’t even know that I needed these until I got them. Genius,” shared a different shopper

Each of the machine washable bowl holders measures 7 by 4 inches, and you can use each one in multiple ways, including as a standard pot holder. Plus, the brand points out that the pot holders can act as trivets to prevent hot dishes from burning your countertop or table, and you can use them to contain the chill of cold or frozen dishes that would otherwise seep uncomfortably into your hands. 

“I love these—such a simple, clever design,” wrote a reviewer who confirmed that the pot holders are suitable for “all size bowls” and called them a “great purchase.” Another shopper who also uses the pot holders around cold bowls of ice cream said the koozies are “wonderful” for keeping your hands and surfaces safe. 

Whether you need to hold a hot bowl of soup or a bowl of ice cream, the Attica bowl pot holders are ready to keep your hands safe and comfortable. While they’re in stock, pick up a set of four for under $20.

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