These Easy-to-Use Body Wax Strips Changed My Mind About Waxing at Home

This handy kit comes with everything I need for just $11.

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Athena Club Wax Strip Kit Tout

Athena Club

Let’s cut right to the chase: waxing is painful. Ever since I was old enough to get anything on my body waxed for the first time, I loved the results but hated the process. Getting a wax (and, in this case, a bikini wax) at a salon can also leave you feeling exposed and uncomfortable. 

Since my first salon bikini wax about three years ago, I’ve wanted to attempt it at home. Thankfully, I finally took the plunge and tried the Athena Club Wax Strip Kit for Body to take matters into my own hands.

Wax Strip Kit for Body

Athena Club

To buy: $11;

The only other time I have ever attempted a do-it-yourself bikini wax was years ago, and I was too scared even to pull the wax strip off (I ended up soaking it off in the shower) and went back to the salon. Now at 29 years old, I can confidently say I performed an at-home bikini wax thanks to Athena Club, and yes, it didn’t feel amazing, but at least it was a manageable pain in the comfort of my own bathroom. 

The kit was super easy to use and came with 24 double-sided, no-heat wax strips that I cut into thinner strips to be more strategic about where I placed them. I won’t lie; the first strip was daunting and had less to do with the waxing and more to do with my own mental battle of hyping myself up to courageously rip the strip off. Once I pulled the first one off, I got more confident as I went on to continue placing and ripping until my bikini line was hair-free. The process was so easy I might have to give the brand’s face wax kit a try next. 

Wax Strip Kit for Face

Athena Club

To buy: $11;

After finishing the wax, which went super smoothly (pun intended), I followed up with the kit’s post-wax wipes featuring soothing tea tree oil. I also treated the area with a cold compress, as suggested in the kit’s instructions if the area was sore or red—and since this was my first go at waxing, it was certainly red.

I can confidently say that moving forward, as we dive further into spring and transition into summer, I will definitely wax my bikini line with these strips before heading out on a trip or spending a day at the pool. However, I’ll still utilize a razor for those harder-to-reach places if I want to remove more hair than just the bikini line.  

Be sure to check out both the body and face wax kits available at Athena Club, and if you’re not quite ready to embark on a waxing journey, one of the brand’s aesthetically-pleasing razor kits is also worth checking out. 

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