Amazon Quietly Put My No. 1 Tech Must-Have on Sale, and It's Something I Never Thought I Needed

Buy a pair of Apple AirPods for $99.

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Apple Airpods Sale Tout

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Although I’m a millennial, I’m never the first in line to purchase a new gadget. I keep devices until I absolutely have to replace them, and I tend to keep an eye on new finds until plenty of glowing reviews have rolled in. So, it’s not a surprise that I wasn’t an early Apple AirPods adopter, but once I could scoop up a pair on sale, I jumped. Now, thanks to a quiet Amazon sale, you can too. 

Running and walking are both part of my daily routine, and I was never bothered by my standard Apple earbuds and their long cord while I worked out. But after trying a pair of wireless headphones for several months, I decided it was high time to ditch the cord for good in favor of easier movement. When that pair wouldn’t stay in my ears during longer runs and my disappointment lined up with a rare $99 Apple 2nd Generation AirPods sale, I was thrilled. I’ve never looked back, and neither have many of those who have left 493,800 perfect ratings and 27,900 five-star reviews

Apple AirPods (2nd Generation)


To buy: $99 (was $159);

When my AirPods arrived last November, I was nervous about whether or not they would stay in my ears, especially while I ran. I’m happy to report that they do—they actually fit far better than my original earbuds or my first failed attempt at wireless headphones. Plus, if they don’t stay put, Apple points out that you can swap out the earbud tips for a pair that fits your ears better. I was also nervous about the sound quality, but I never should have worried. My music and podcasts sound better now with my AirPods than they ever did with past headphones, and I love that anything I’m listening to will automatically pause if I remove one or both earbuds from my ears.  

I never like when I have to purchase additional items to charge my tech, and I’m so relieved this pair of AirPods comes with an included charging case. Apple says you can expect to enjoy “more than 24 hours total listening time” after each time you charge your case with the ability to listen to your AirPods for up to five hours straight after a single charge. And I’ve found that this claim is true. My biggest tip to keep your AirPods charged and to not misplace them is to store them in the case. Then whenever you need to recharge the case, keep your AirPods inside of it and simply plug an iPhone charger into the bottom of it.  

Just like other Apple products, AirPods are easy to use with other devices. I was able to pair my AirPods with my phone within seconds thanks to the included Bluetooth technology, and I also appreciate that I can use them as my go-to pair of headphones with my MacBook as well. Plus, the earbuds have a built-in microphone, so I don’t have to reach for a different pair of headphones whenever I need to talk on the phone or attend a video meeting. According to Apple, AirPods work with Siri, iPads, and Apple TV too—but I can’t confirm or deny this claim because I’ve never tested it. 

Whether you’re a fellow runner or walker or you’re simply looking for a pair of easy-to-use earbuds with great sound quality, I cannot recommend Apple AirPods more highly. I’m so happy I scooped up a pair, and I’m even more thrilled for you to enjoy this great gadget while it’s quietly on sale at Amazon. 

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