I Just Rediscovered This Classic Mall Brand, and There Are 6 Comfy Pieces I Can’t Stop Wearing

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Aerie Roundup Tout


When I was in high school, I loved Aerie’s bras. I still remember feeling so thrilled when the brand launched a more extensive line of clothes and loungewear. Then for some reason (likely a combination of discovering newer brands and simply getting older), my interest waned. I’ve purchased pieces online in the years since, but I haven’t gotten more than an item or two in ages. However, all of that changed last week when I experienced my own mini reintroduction to Aerie

I was invited by the Aerie team to attend the brand’s holiday shopping event at one of its flagship stores in New York City. Pumped to attend an event for a brand I knew and once adored, I couldn’t add the party to my calendar fast enough. When the day arrived and I walked inside the store’s festive doors, I felt like I was about to meet up with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years and yet was able to pick up right where we left off again. 

In full transparency, when I arrived at Aerie, I was encouraged to choose a few loungewear samples from the brand’s latest winter collection to take home with me. With a basket in hand, I started to wander throughout the multiple floors devoted specifically to Aerie. I decided to climb to the top floor first and make my way back downstairs, and the very first item I popped into my basket was the Smoothez Bra-ish Wireless Bralette. It felt right to scoop up a bra first because it harkened back to the original reason why I used to love Aerie so much—and just like past bras, this wireless find does not disappoint. 

At the encouragement of my friend and fellow shopping writer, Ariel Scotti, I made sure to add a Down-To-Earth Crew Sweatshirt to my collection. Plus, from the moment I first spotted it, I could envision all of the cold days when I would eagerly wear the Chillside Turtleneck Sweater to feel cozy and put together. 

As you can likely sense, I quickly filled my basket to the brim. If you want to do something similar, there are a host of holiday sales that are live online at Aerie. To quicken your experience while products are still in stock, I’m sharing more about the three items I already can’t stop wearing as well as the extra finds I’m planning to order now that I’m back on track with Aerie, a brand I’m so happy to have found once again.

Down-To-Earth Crew Sweatshirt


Aerie Down-To-Earth Crew Sweatshirt

This is the sweatshirt I was told I simply had to own, and now I completely understand why. It’s a fun mixture of a sweater and a sweatshirt, thanks to the ribbing on the neckline, sides, cuffs, and hem. Plus, it’s not too heavy, which means you can easily add extra layers as needed without feeling too warm. It’s available in up to 11 colors in sizes XS to XL. However, please keep in mind that this style runs big, and I’m so happy I ordered a size down. 

To buy: $36 (was $60); aerie.com.

SMOOTHEZ Bra-ish Wireless Bralette


Smoothez Bra-ish Wireless Bralette

Even though I know many people who absolutely love wireless bras, I had yet to try one until I picked up this one from Aerie. It’s ultra-soft and comfy, and I appreciate that it’s lightly lined with sewn in padding that won’t shift in the wash. You can buy one in up to seven colors in sizes XS to XL DD. 

To buy: $23 (was $45); aerie.com

Sugar Rush Oversized Polo Sweatshirt


Aerie Sugar Rush Oversized Polo Sweatshirt

I was having trouble deciding which sweatshirt to purchase, and I nearly went with this oversized polo style. It has a similar length to the crewneck sweatshirt I did buy, but the preppy collared neckline makes it slightly different. Like Aerie’s other sweatshirts, this one is equally as soft—and it looks like the perfect style to wear to lounge during a cozy weekend in. It’s available in sizes XXS to XXL. 

To buy: $36 (was $60); aerie.com

Chillside Turtleneck Sweater


Offline by Aerie Chillside Turtleneck Sweater

If you only want to purchase one item from my list of newly discovered Aerie favorites, make it this turtleneck sweater. It’s wool-free, which is one of my requirements, and it’s now one of the warmest items I own. The turtleneck is slightly oversized, so it doesn’t feel like too much while you’re wearing the sweater—and I also love the thumb holes cut into the sleeves for any moments when you want to tuck your hands inside. I’d suggest you order your typical size in this one, or size down if you run in between sizes. 

To buy: $42 (was $70); aerie.com

Snowday Mock Neck Sweatshirt


Offline by Aerie Snowday Mock Neck Sweatshirt

My most worn sweatshirts are my mock neck styles because I’m not afraid to wear them with joggers, leggings, or jeans for a more casual look. This one adds drawstrings to the mock neck as an ode to a classic hoodie, which is fun and slightly different. Plus, the True Black color is a neutral you can wear with everything. 

To buy: $39 (was $65); aerie.com

LumberJane Waffle Shirt


Aerie LumberJane Waffle Shirt

While this is not one of the items I picked up, I’m intrigued by it. My first thought when I spotted it is that it looks like it would make an excellent shacket, which is a trendy style I have yet to try. Plan to pair this with a fun graphic T-shirt or a plain long-sleeve shirt and leggings or jeans for a relaxed-yet-stylish look. It’s available in 12 bright and neutral colors in sizes XXS to XXL. 

To buy: $50 (was $60); aerie.com.

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