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How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Chances are you’re not doing it often enough. Here’s why you need to—and how to make it easy and chemical-free.

National Banana Bread Day: 1 Smart Hack You Need for Baking

This National Banana Bread Day (February 23), use this one technique to yield a fluffier and lighter bread, making it completely irresistible.


We Had Twins Test Pampers’ New Plant-Based Diapers—and Here’s What Happened

Pampers Pure claim to be low on allergens and high on cottony comfort—but what would 2-year-old twin boys (and their mom!) think?

Kate Middleton Surprised Her Fans by Getting a Henna Tattoo This Week

On a royal visit to a music and arts hub, the Duchess surprised fans by getting a henna design.