A Foldable Cutting Board—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

A pet GPS, recyclable wrapping paper, serum-infused liquid eyeliner, and more.

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With the holidays inching ever closer, it’s time to start prepping, whether that means cooking up a storm, weatherproofing your car for the cold, or getting your festive outfits ready. These clever items are here to help you make the most of this holiday season. Shop a foldable cutting board so you can easily shift your chopped veggies from board to roasting pan, a heated cushion for your car to warm you up after scraping ice from your windshield, and an at-home dry cleaning kit that will save you hundreds in dry cleaning bills and keep your cashmere sweaters in peak condition. This holiday season has nothing on us! 

Lash Enhancing Eye Liner

Grande Cosmetics Lash Enhancing Serum


Grande Cosmetics has done it again! The brand that’s famous for the brow and lash serums that have bolstered the thin and short lashes community now has a two-in-one liquid eyeliner that they’ve infused with their lash-enhancing serum. Now you can perfectly frame your eyes and grow longer, fuller-looking lashes all at the same time. This dip eyeliner isn’t just all about the serum though; it also boasts ultra-black pigmentation for one swipe wonders, 12 hours of staying power, and no smudging, fading or flaking, so we really can have it all.

Price at time of publish: $36

Recycle-Ready Wrapping Paper

Wrappily Wrapping Paper


Did you know that most wrapping paper is recyclable? As long as it's not metallic or covered in glitter, you can usually recycle your wrapping paper, but millions of tons of gift wrap end up in the trash every year. Wrappily, the 100 percent recyclable and compostable gift wrap brand, is working to counteract that with a mission centered around sustainability. The woman-owned company makes all of its goods plastic-free, and ships the products in biodegradable packaging made from plants. And, don't worry, the gift wrap isn't just bland, brown paper. You can find the cutest array of colors and prints for the holidays (and any other occasion) at Wrappily—just remember to reuse or recycle it when you're done.

Price at time of publish: Starting at $10

At-Home Dry-Cleaning Kit

Dry Cleaner Kit


With all of the holiday parties, family photos, and end-of-year drinks after work, your dry-cleaning bill can grow to epic proportions. And that’s not even counting the time you’re wasting making the trip to the dry cleaners every week. Dryel’s at-home dry-cleaning kit saves you the hassle and the expense so you can dry-clean your delicates and favorite party outfits at home. Compatible with all standard and HE machines, you just pre-treat any stubborn stains, spray any high-odor areas, pop your garments into the bag, and tumble-dry for 15 minutes! Simple, chic, and definitely worth the savings.

Price at time of publish: $11

Foldable Cutting Board

Foldable cutting board


Chopping veggies is one thing, getting them all into your bowl without dropping half on the floor is another. JosephJoseph’s latest innovation, the Chop2Pot is a game changer. The knife-friendly, non-slip, dishwasher-safe cutting board is ideal for all your food prep needs but the truly mind-blowing aspect is this: It folds! With a gentle squeeze of the handle, the sides of the cutting board fold artfully upwards, creating a chute for easy transfer of your carefully chopped food, ensuring that you don’t lose a single scrap!

Price at time of publish: $13

Heated Seat Cushion

Heated seat cushion

JC Penney

Now that winter is upon us, those with heated car seats reign supreme, but what if you don’t happen to have the latest and greatest car? Don’t fret, Black Series has you covered with this heated auto seat cushion that will give you the luxury of heated seats without having to buy a whole new car! With a universal design suited to any car, it's easy to install with elastic straps to keep it secure, easy to use with two heat settings for adjustable comfort, and easy to power—just plug it into your cigarette lighter, and you’ll be toasty warm all winter long.

Price at time of publish: $33


Cube GPS Tracker


Every animal has a different personality. Some are homebodies who love a good cuddle on the couch while others, well, love to wander. If your pet is the adventurous type, then the Cube Real Time GPS Dog and Cat tracker is for you. This GPS uses a SIM card to connect to cellular networks, just connect it to your smartphone or computer and you can track your pet’s journey, wherever they roam. With a rechargeable battery that lasts from 10 to 60 days, you can use the Cube GPS to set geofences and get real-time notifications for crossing boundaries, so you always know where your pet is, even if you’re not around, giving you peace of mind and your pet the freedom they deserve.

Price at time of publish: $24

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