A Wireless Light Switch—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Organize your spice collection with a handy rack, keep cozy at work with the perfect office blanket, and adjust your lights with an app-controlled light switch.

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Now that the air is crisp and it’s proper sweater weather outside, we’re ready to embrace the changing seasons. These nifty gadgets will help make the most of fall, whether you're taking a drive to see the colors change—or just changing eyeshadow colors with the help of a shadow-shifting pan. A sleek shoe rack helps store your summer sandals so you can break out those new leather knee-high boots. And stretchy silicone lids make saving leftovers of your favorite homemade soup simple. Fall is finally here and we couldn’t be happier!

Spice Rack

expandable 3-tier spice rack


All those spice canisters can easily crowd your cabinets, making it tricky for you to find the exact one you need as you try to perfect your own pumpkin spice blend. This adjustable and expandable shelf fits any space, no matter how cramped your cabinets are, and the elevated three-tiered design makes all those tiny labels visible so you can easily find the exact spice you need to nail that famous fall flavor.

Price at time of publish: $12

Wireless Light Switch

switchbot bot


Fall is when we curl up on the couch with a hot mug of tea. Not when we constantly have to leave our oasis of fuzzy blankets turning on and off the lights. Switch bot is the answer to your prayers. The small cube easily attaches to your wall switches, allowing you to wirelessly control your lights with just your phone. Compatible with Alexa, Google Home, and more, it’s the perfect addition to make your smart home even smarter, and it lets you stay wrapped up on the couch! 

Price at time of publish: $29

Magnetic Games

i'm a scientist magnetic play set


Need some travel-friendly fun while you take a scenic drive to see the leaves change? We’ve got you covered. These magnetic mix-and-match games for kids provide the perfect screen-free entertainment needed for long car rides. With three sheets of magnets and two different illustrated backgrounds, there are endless possibilities to help spur your kids' imagination, and with an easy storage tin box, all your magnets stay safe and sound, no matter how bumpy the road is! 

Price at time of publish: $16.99

Eyeshadow Switcher

shadow switching pan


We’re swapping out our summer color palette for something a little deeper, darker, and richer. And that means having to wash all of our brushes to get rid of those bright and bold summer eyeshadow colors. Or does it? This makeup brush color shifter lets you quickly change eyeshadow colors using the same brush, without having to wash it! With two innovative sponges in the pan, one for switching dry shadow colors and one for cream shadows and liners, you can swap any color in seconds. It’s the perfect addition to all your fall makeup looks!

Price at time of publish: $9

Shoe Rack

mesh shoe rack


This under-the-bed shoe rack is a storage savior. Its low-to-the-ground design makes it perfect for storing your strappy summer sandals under the bed, couch, or even just at the back of your closet. Made of sturdy metal with a mesh design, the rack holds up to 6 pairs of shoes, the open and wide style makes it easy for you to organize and see all the shoes you’re keeping out of sight!

Price at time of publish: $10

Chair Wrap

desk chair wrap


While some of us are lucky enough to have fully remote jobs post-covid, others still have to make the trek into the office every day. Whatever your situation, this fleece chair wrap brings all the fall vibes to your workstation, whether it's curling up at the computer at home or fighting off the office AC, you can easily bundle yourself up for peak productivity. Specially designed to slip over your chair so the ends never get caught under the wheels, the open front features a chic blazer style cut, so you’ll look extra professional on zoom calls too. Better yet, it’s machine washable! 

Price at time of publish: $120

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