A Jewelry Cleaning Kit—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

Some of us prefer to play life by ear, happy to just go with the flow, while others need to have everything just so. For those of us in the latter category, here’s a diamond cleaning kit that keeps your jewelry as clean as can be, cute button pins to turn any pair of pants into the perfect fit, and an invisible drain cover to keep your bathroom spotless.



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Jewelry Cleaner Kit

jewelry cleaning kit

This petite-sized jewelry cleaning kit comes with big brush power. The brush head has four specially trimmed zones for all sizes of gems and jewelry, the lab designer cleanser works to bring dull stones to crystal clear clarity, and the microfiber chamois is gentle enough for any gem. And best of all, Juli specializes in diamonds! So all the girls’ best friends can shine bright.

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Customizable Ice Trays

customizable ice trays

Fancy ice cubes are all the rage these days when it comes to cocktail making. These customizable ice cube trays in a chic cube design are perfect for impressing your guests at your next dinner party—or for gifting to your newlywed friends! Made from premium silicone, the trays are easy to fill, easy to remove, and have endless customizable possibilities.

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Adjustable Pins

adjustable pins for clothes

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be tricky and sometimes you fall in love with a pair despite them not quite fitting right. These adjustable button pins help you cinch the waist of any pair of jeans so they fit you picture-perfect. They come in a range of cute options, like pearl, gold, and daisy designs, and there’s no sewing required! 

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Makeup Compact

compact mirror with light

This mirror compact is ideal for those perfectionists on the go. Its slim design makes it easy to throw in your work bag, the 1/3x magnification makes sure you catch every detail, and the built-in LED lights allow you to touch up (or apply) your makeup anywhere, from your work cubicle to the subway. Powered by two coin batteries (that are included) this compact is ready to go whenever you are!

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Pet Feeding Station

pet feeding cabinet station

It’s an end table, storage space, and a feeding station! This modern wood grain end table seamlessly integrates itself into your home decor while also providing storage for your pet's food, toys, and treats. The cabinet keeps things hidden but still conveniently located and the base features a health-conscious, elevated feeding station with two stainless steel bowls for easy cleaning.

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Drain Catcher

hair catcher for drain

They call this a shower shroom because of its quirky mushroom-shaped design, yet the design serves more than just an aesthetic purpose. Because of its shroom-like shape, this drain catcher works from inside your drain, not on top, carefully coiling hair together, making for easy-to-clean, easy-to-remove clogs. The difference from other drain hair catchers? It’s invisible, out of sight, out of mind! It’s also a universal fit, working on every sized shower drain so you can live clog-free forever.

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