A Makeup Brush Sanitizer—and More Clever Items to Simplify Your Life

It’s officially fall now and we’re busy getting back in the swing of things. Take care of the tasks that so often slip our minds with the help of these time (and money) saving gadgets—a makeup sanitizer that disinfects your brushes in minutes, a restoration kit that’ll make your car’s headlights gleam like new, and a kitchen cleaning game changer. 

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Bra Clips

bra strap concealers clips

Racerback tanks are a closet staple nowadays, but those uncomfortable convertible bras aren’t. These bra clips turn your favorite bra into a racerback style in a snap, so you can keep reaching for your go-to choice (with no bra straps in sight!).

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Backsplash Protector

backsplash protector

Having a beautiful tile backsplash in your kitchen is the dream, having to scrub oil stains off that backsplash… not so much. This clear, self-adhesive, backsplash protector is oil-proof, waterproof, and easy to remove. Just cut to fit, stick it on, and easily wipe away messes!

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Headlight Restoration Kit

headlight restoring kit


Foggy headlights? No, thanks. Return your cloudy car headlights to crystal-clear quality at home with this easy-to-use, no-tools-required restoration kit. With professional-grade sanding products that won’t damage plastic lenses, you’ll save hundreds by simply buffing the dirty film away.

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Makeup Brush Sanitizer

makeup brush sanitizer

Keeping your makeup brushes clean is a necessity, but also a struggle. This rechargeable makeup brush sanitizer wipes out 99.9 percent of bacteria (using UV-C light and ozone technology) in just five minutes, so your morning makeup routine is ready to go.

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Honeycomb Drawer Organizer

drawer organizer

Is your junk drawer taking over your life? Conquer it with these adjustable, easy-to-install honeycomb organizers. They easily snap together to fit any space, giving you a multitude of hexagonal spaces to fill with phone chargers, loose change, hair ties, or whatever you’ve been collecting around the house.

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Grooming Gloves

pet grooming gloves

Our pets are truly part of our family. Unfortunately, that means we’re also constantly cleaning up after them. These mesh and rubber gloves help trap dirt, loose fur, and hair, all under the guise of getting a good pet session in, giving your animal all the attention they desire while keeping your floors clean.

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