I Tried 1SAVES20's Waterless Beauty Products—And They Helped Me Feel Fresh Without Showering

Adding these to my travel essentials.

1SAVES20 Waterless Beauty Products


Did you know an eight-minute shower uses 20 gallons of water? That’s the same amount of water that the average person consumes in a month. That's why 1SAVES20, a California-based company with a line of all-natural beauty and hygiene products, aims to eliminate unnecessary showers. The products create a fresh feeling sans shower, whether you just got off an airplane or finished a workout. 

Everyone has their own hygiene routine when it comes to showering. Some days are for body showers, some are for hair washes, some are for both, and some are for neither. No matter where you’re at in your shower schedule, there’s a 1SAVES20 product you can use to feel clean—and I tried them all.

1SAVES20 Face Wipes in Pink Packaging



I tried the face wipes ($13 for 3-pack, 1SAVES20.com) as my form of skin care before bed, and I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive. My face tends to get pretty oily by the end of the day, so it needs to get a good cleanse. I’ve also always hated the feel of face wipes. I quit using makeup wipes because of the sticky, slimy feeling it left, no matter how quickly I washed my face afterward. 

However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well they worked. I wiped down my face and neck with one before falling asleep, and my skin felt good as new in the morning. There wasn’t any residual oil or tackiness. I also love that the wipes are biodegradable, so

I also applied some of the Multi Balm ($17, 1SAVES20.com) after wiping down my face. I still have some dry skin from winter weather, so I applied it to a few problem patches on my cheeks and forehead. This balm has a consistency similar to chapstick and definitely feels thick. I used just a bit in those areas and used my fingers to massage it in and around the area. 

In the spirit of 1SAVES20’s mission, I even tried a completely waterless nighttime routine. First, I scooped out a dime-sized amount of the cleansing balm ($16, 1SAVES20.com)—though I’d recommend using pea-sized instead. The balm is fairly solid in the tub, but melts instantly when rubbed into the skin, similar to coconut oil. After massaging it all over my face, I used a face wipe to remove the excess (a damp washcloth also works). I then sprayed the face mist—three pumps from a foot away—and applied the moisturizing balm all over to lock in the moisture. Again, I was a little too generous with the Multi Balm, and I could still feel a little on my cheeks the next morning.

1SAVES20 Body Mist in Yellow Bottle



Don’t worry—the rest of my body got some love, too. I used the 1SAVES20 body mist ($13, 1SAVES20.com) to spray down as much of myself as I could. It has a subtle, almost woodsy scent—nothing strong or overwhelming. The instructions on the bottle say to wipe down with a washcloth after spraying, but I opted to use one of their body wipes on my arms, shoulders, and chest instead. It was nice getting into bed and feeling clean, even after skipping a shower. I was BO-free the next morning, so I’d call it a win.

1SAVES20 Dry Shampoo and Blue Bottle



I’ve never been a big user of dry shampoo, but this one definitely works. I followed the instructions on the bottle by first spraying a generous amount of the hair mist all over. Then, I applied the dry shampoo ($13, 1SAVES20.com) to the roots of my hair and massaged it in. The hair mist has a faint but sweet citrus scent, and the dry shampoo is odorless. The dry shampoo even comes in a pump bottle instead of aerosol, which is better for the environment and still easy to apply. 

Some people can get away without frequently washing their hair, and I am unfortunately not one of them. I definitely relied on this dry shampoo to cut down the oil on my second-day hair. It worked like a charm. I could both see and feel the difference immediately after massaging the dry shampoo in. I also tried the dry shampoo without the hair mist, and it worked just as well. 

While a completely waterless beauty routine may not be sustainable for me, I’m definitely planning to keep these products handy for the next time I want to feel refreshed while traveling, if I’m a bit sweaty, or to clean up without hopping in the shower. At the very least, I’ll be sure to speed things up while the faucet is running.

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