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Destination Ideas

Unique Vacation Ideas

Take the road less traveled, from volunteer vacations to family adventure tours.

By Bora Chang, Elizabeth Jenkins, Sara Reistad-Long, and Genevieve Roth
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Tour a Winery

Here's how to make the most of a visit:

Call ahead. Many vineyards have specific protocols about how and when you can visit.

Schedule your meals. Food in wine regions can be difficult to find. You don't want to pair your delicious Malbec with a stale gas-station sandwich.

Go beyond the vineyards you know. Why spend time tasting something you are already familiar with? Seek out a smaller, lesser-known vineyard.

Ask for the "cellar door" tasting. Winemakers (or other employees) will take you through the wines individually, often showing you the vineyards and giving you other VIP treatments.

Have an exit plan, be it a taxi or a car service. What's worse than downing wine with a bad sandwich? Having a Breathalyzer test for dessert.

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