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Summer Family Fun

Best Websites for Road Trips

For well-planned trips, make a few quick site-seeing stops on the Web before hitting the road.

By Arianne Cohen
Mouse on mouse padAnnie Schlechter
  • Find more than 100 games and activity ideas, using basics like string, aluminum foil, and paper, to keep kids occupied.
  • One-stop shopping for offbeat attractions―the world’s largest ball of stamps! a history-of-cheese-making mural!―along your route.
  • Use the calculator to estimate your gas costs based on current prices and your car’s average fuel efficiency.
  • Locate safe, clean restrooms beyond the highway―at a local college, in a bookstore, etc.
  • Plan your driving around what the weather gods have in store.
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Packing for a family vacation? Travel versions of favorite games won’t crowd suitcases, and playing them will keep kids from begging to watch TV at night. Get more tips.