Technology Basics

  • Protect your Social Security number and card.Never carry your Social Security card in your wallet or put your number on your checks. Disclose it only when absolutely necessary, using other types of ID whenever possible. If your current driver’s license includes your Social Security number, ask to substitute another number. The same goes for your health insurance policy.
  • Buy a shredder.Some identity thieves go Dumpster-diving to retrieve personal information. Always tear up receipts, old credit card statements, and other personal documents; running them through a shredder is even better. Deposit all outgoing mail in secure mailboxes, preferably at a post office.
  • Set up secure locations for personal information.At home, have a safe or a lockable file cabinet in which you can store sensitive material. While you’re at work, stow your purse or wallet in a desk drawer or a cabinet. One with a lock is best.
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