General: Safety & Family

The Ultimate Self-Defense Guide We Hope You'll Never Need

You already know to avoid dark alleys, but learning ways to protect yourself can help arm you for other potentially shady situations. As an expert in Krav Maga (an Israeli self-defense system) and the founder of MAMA (Mothers Against Malicious Acts), Jarrett Arthur has the chops to show you how.

Are the Toys on Your Holiday Shopping List Safe for Kids?

The answer: Not all of them. Make sure everything your children unwrap this year is kid-friendly.

5 Helpful Apps for Your Next Road Trip

If you want a calm, authoritative voice in your ear, expertly guiding you onto highways and byways, look no further than your smartphone. These GPS apps give clear, concise road directions, but that’s not even the half of what they can do. Which one is right for you? Real Simple test-drove five of the top offerings.

Is it Stealing to Use a Neighbor's Non-Password-Protected  Wi-Fi?

Real Simple asked a panel of experts to offer their two cents.

What Is Cloud Computing?

There’s so much kid paperwork to track—immunization and medical records, school forms, phone trees. Don’t you wish you could magically pull whatever you need out of the air? With cloud computing, you can.

5 Top Photo-Sharing Sites

When it comes to capturing a moment, you never hesitate to point and shoot. Sharing your images and videos with friends and family, however, requires a bit more pause. At first glance, the options are almost identical. That’s why Real Simple has rounded up the best sites to help you organize, share, and order prints. One is sure to be your picture-perfect match.*


Computer Hacking 101

Protect yourself from cyber-crime with this computer hacking overview.

Penny Auction Scam

Learn how to spot and avoid penny auction websites.

Keep in Touch Through Social Media Tools

These social networking websites and other services make it easy and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones near and far.

Beware of Free Movie Download Sites

Protect yourself from cyber-criminals by avoiding rogue movie download sites.