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Organize Your Electronics

Quick solutions to corral cumbersome cords and keep your technology tidy.

Easy Organizing Ideas

CD and DVD Organizing Systems
Streamline your media collection with these smart storage solutions.

Trouser sock used as a cord holder

2 Clever Ways to Organize Your Cords

Try these new uses for old things.
Photo:  Amy Wilson

A Guide to Hiding Wires in Your Home Office

Smart tips for concealing cables, cords, and more.
Photo: James Baigrie

A Media Center Makeover

See before and after pictures, smart storage solutions, and space-saving gadgets.
Photo: David Land

New Uses for Electronics

Surprising tricks for cell phones, cameras, and more.
Photo: Kathryn Barnard
Trouser sock used as a cord holder
Home office in corner of kitchen
Home media center
New use for thing: address labels

Conquer Clutter

iPod on table

Extend the Life of Electronic Gear
Ailing electronic gear? Here, preventives and cures―plus strategies for making a save-it-or-scrap-it analysis.

Driinn cell-phone holder

5 Great Gadget Storage Systems
Charge your cell phone in one of these gadget garages.

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Flat-screen TV

Cleaning Electronics and Tech Accessories Checklist

A little effort goes a long way toward keeping your gear and gadgets at peak performance.

  • Dust the outsides. Use a soft electrostatic dust-mop cloth lightly moistened with dishwashing liquid and water, making sure to wipe all buttons and knobs. Do not use any abrasives or solvents, such as rubbing alcohol, since they can damage the metal finish.
  • “Clean” the insides. Insert a videotape-head cleaner or a DVD-lens cleaner and press Play.
  • Spray the vents of the machines. Use a can of compressed air (available at electronic and office-supply stores) to remove dust, holding the canister a few inches away from the machine at about a 45-degree angle. This angle blows out the greatest amount of dust.

View The Entire Checklist

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