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Be Nice on the Internet

The default behavior on the Web seems to be rudeness, the mind-set negative. Find out why—and how you can take a stand against poor Internet etiquette.

Social Chatter

Keep in Touch Through Social Media Tools
These social networking websites and other services make it easy and affordable to keep in touch with loved ones near and far.

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Why Is There So Much Negativity on the Internet?

The upside of the Web: It gives everyone a forum. The downside: Sometimes we don’t use it very civilly. So why are people so mean on the Internet? And can’t we all just be nicer?
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Be Nice on the Internet Week

Tired of the rudeness that seems to run rampant on the Web? Join the club.
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Real Simple’s Be Nice on the Internet Cards

A good first step on the path to civility on the Web: Let’s put a friendlier spin on some commonly used social media acronyms.
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Can Facebook Be Your Friend?

Unsure whether Facebook is worth the effort? One ambivalent user makes sense of how it changed her world and how (whether you’re on the site or not) it’s changing yours, too.
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Old-School Messaging

Stack of old letters next to flowers and ink bottle

Note-Writing Tips for Any Occasion
Whether you’re writing a thank-you or a sympathy card, use these tips to pen the right sentiment.

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How to Write a Sympathy Note
Three tips for sharing your condolences.

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Stay Calm Checklist

What if someone is rude to you online? Five pointers to help you keep your cool.

  • Smile. You can’t work yourself into a rage without an angry face. Relax the muscles in your jaw, forehead, and lips to keep cool, then eke out a grin.
  • Look ahead. Will this thing matter in five minutes? Five months? Five years? If not, why bother wasting energy on it?
  • Put yourself in charge. Saying “I am choosing not to get angry about this” (or the opposite) can be empowering.

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