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Tax Season 101

Everything you need to know about filing your taxes—money-saving advice, shortcuts, and expert tips.

Savvy Ideas

5 Useful Tax-Season Apps
Organize your receipts, get an estimate, and even file your tax return with these ingenious phone apps.

7 Ways to Save on Taxes
Deductions you may never have thought of taking―some of them downright creative.

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What Is My Tax Bracket?

Not sure what you’ll be paying this year? First select your status (single, married, etc.), then find your income range. That will tell you your bracket for your 2012 federal taxes.

4 Steps to Filing Your Taxes

Stop procrastinating! Start with these tips for taking on your dreaded tax return.
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What to Consider Before You Do Your Taxes

Should you hire an accountant, use tax software, or do them on your own?
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3 Ways to Avoid Getting Audited 

About one in every 99 returns is flagged for an audit. Here’s how to reduce your odds of attracting IRS attention.  
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Money Issues

Money jar

10 Money Conversations Everyone Should Have
Yes, discussing finances can be awkward, but it’s equally essential. Experts offer talking points for 10 crucial conversations.

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How Would You Handle These Sticky Money Situations?
Is it ok to ask about someone’s salary or add more to a cheapskate’s dinner tip? Take our quiz to find out. 

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Commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions

Before you mail off your returns to the IRS, be sure you haven't missed an opportunity to take a deduction.

  • Health insurance premiums (for self-employed people, 100 percent deductible from gross income)

    Related: 11 Ways to Save on Medical Bills

  • Transportation expenses for trips to medical facilities or doctors’ offices
  • Nursing home medical expenses

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