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Smart Shopping 101

The expert strategies and information you need to know to make the savviest purchases―of food, makeup, clothing, even home renovations.

Easy Grocery Shopping

Create a Master Shopping List
A little work now will save you time down the road.

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The Five Tastiest Warehouse-Club Buys...

…and how to make use of them tonight and in weeks to come.
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10 Ways to Shop Smarter

A financial expert shares insights into how we can spend more wisely this year.
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49 Must-Bookmark Shopping Sites

Our editors' must-shop sites for gifts, décor, and more.
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The Best Furniture Deals

How to furnish your house and save money.
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Budget Advice

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Navigating Vintage Clothing Stores
Shopping for vintage clothing can yield great budget-friendly items, if you know where to look. Use this guide to help find classic steals.


Shopping-Comparison Sites
For the most time-saving and cost-effective searching, make one of these sites your first stop in the virtual mall.

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Tag Sale Supplies Checklist

Holding a sale? Here's the gear you'll need.

  • Clear signs. Mead makes a waterproof poster board that won't wither in the rain; you can find it at Staples, Wal-Mart, and Office Depot. Use a permanent marker, and write neatly and legibly. Note: Always check whether there are restrictions on placements of signs in your community—and whether you need a permit to hold a tag sale.
  • Money to make change. Start your selling day with $50 in ones, $30 in fives, $50 in tens, $60 in twenties, and $10 in quarters (one roll).
  • Fanny pack or carpenter's apron. Stow bills in one pocket, change in another.

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