Money Management Tips and Finance Basics

Confused when it comes to managing your money? Learn how to save, budget, get out of debt, and more.

Saving and Budgeting

How to Resist Spending Temptations

Is that little voice in your head saying “Spend, spend, spend”? Here’s how to silence it.

How to Balance Your Finances Without a Budget

Nearly every expert will tell you that meticulously monitoring your spending (Excel spreadsheet and all) is the surest way to stay on track financially. And for the three or four of you out there with the capacity to do that, congratulations. The rest of us can rely on these alternative strategies—just as effective and a lot less labor-intensive.

5 Fixes for Money Worries

These smart, simple suggestions will help you keep calm about your finances―and stay above water.


Shopping 101

Can You Handle the Cost of Having a Baby?

From the delivery to diapers and childcare, babies can be costly. Make sure you know what it takes to financially support a child.

How to Lend Money to Your Family Members

Whether it’s for an overdue bill or to fund a new business, a relative will ask for financial help at some point. Follow these tips for a smoother lending process.

Navigating Finances as a Couple

Three things to consider when dealing with money in the context of a relationship.