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Financial Advice and Money Etiquette

Not sure if that extra service is worth it or need advice on lending to friends? Experts share their wisdom on money etiquette and dilemmas.

Family Life

How Do I Offer My Parents Financial Help?
Real Simple’s Modern Manners columnist answers a reader question.

Can You Handle the Cost of Having a Baby?
From the delivery to diapers and childcare, babies can be costly. Make sure you know what it takes to financially support a child.

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11 Money-Etiquette Issues, Solved

How to finesse sticky financial situations involving friends and family.
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How to Lend or Borrow Money

Avoid sticky financial situations with this guide to money-lending etiquette.
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Your Money Dilemmas, Solved 

Follow our advice when you’re in a financial quandary. 
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The Truth About Credit-Protection Programs

Learn what experts have to say before signing up for this service.
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piggy bank
Restaraunt bill and credit card on table with empty glasses

Is It Worth It?

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Is an Extended Warranty Worth It?
Get the facts on extended warranties before heading to the electronics store.

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Is It Worth It to Host a Home-Shopping Party?
Get the facts about home-shopping parties before you consider hosting one.

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Envelope with money

Holiday Tipping Checklist

Keep this guide handy while you're stuffing envelopes to ensure nobody is left empty handed this year.

  • Building superintendent: $20 to $100, depending on how responsive and helpful your super has been.

    Related: How to Make the Holidays More Affordable

  • Doorman: $20 to $100. If there are multiple doormen, $15 or more for each is fine; if you have only one, then the higher end of that range is more appropriate, especially if he is friendly and does a lot for you. The average holiday tip is $50.
  • Elevator operator/other building staff: $20 to $50. Check with your building association to see if there is a holiday tip pool that is shared by all of the building’s employees.

View The Entire Checklist

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