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Friday | April 8, 2009

New Uses for Practically Anything

Plastic bags, newspapers, sheets, dental floss, lemons, and numerous other ordinary items around your house are just bursting with potential for repurposing. Learn their secret alternate uses―and what magic you can work with them.

Doing Double Duty

Woman cleaning a cutting board with lemon

66 All-Natural Cleaning Solutions

Tackle countless chores with common household items (like toothpaste and salt).

Two garbage bags next to a garbage can

What Can You Recycle?

Not everything is right for the recycling bin. So what should go in there? Find out here.

Woman with clay mask

Beauty on a Budget

High quality, low price, and your stamp of approval, to boot: a comprehensive roundup of drugstore beauty products―shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreens, and more―picked as favorites by readers.

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