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Meet the Woman Who Scored a Top Job at the NBA

Prominent attorney Michele Roberts has spent most of her career working on high-stakes criminal and corporate cases. Now executive director of the National Basketball Players Association, she uses her defensive skills to protect the rights of 400-plus pro ballers. Roberts, 59, talked to Real Simple about courting change, being decisive, and realizing that other people's biases are their problems, not yours.

5 Smart Strategies When It's Time for a Career Change

Whether it’s a necessity (your position is being eliminated) or a choice (you’re bored), switching job paths is a serious stressor. Career-development expert and author Jenny Blake offers five smart strategies to set yourself up for success.

These Tests Can Determine the Strength of Your Relationship

And will help you decide whether you’re ready for marriage. 

5 Ways to Make Mornings More Bearable

Apps that wake you up at an ideal time? Heated floors? Yawn. According to these experts, including a baker and a morning-news anchor, it’s the simple things that are truly eye-opening.

How I Dealt With an Unexpected Death in the Middle of My Busy Life

After losing his younger sister to cancer, novelist Kristopher Jansma thought he would reach the end of a chapter. But then life got in the way.

How to Choose the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Photo

Fact: Your profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed if it includes your picture. But is it better if that photo is black and white or in color? A full-body shot or zoomed in? Top pros give us a quick snapshot of how to pick (or take) the right picture.

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