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Achieving Life Balance

It’s a tricky walk on the high wire, trying to find just the right balance in your life: of work and personal, of family and friends, of diet and exercise, in beauty routines, and even of social media usage. Here’s how to find your balance.

The Survey Says…

Finding Balance in a Wired World
Does technology really make life easier? Here's the tweet-able truth.

Model balancing on tightrope

How to Find Your Life Balance

One indefatigable woman takes on a marathon research project (2,330 pages of self-help!), determined to master life’s juggling act—even if it kills her.
Photo: Rodney Smith

15 Easy Recipes for a Balanced Diet

Eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains with these tasty meals.
Photo: Sang An

15 Ways to Digitally Detox

Overwhelmed by the unrelenting reach of your digital devices? Megan Mullally, actress/writer/singer/life guru, advises how to step away from it all.
Photo: Graham Roumieu

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The unflappable mom, the level-headed friend, the colleague who sails through tough projects, no sweat. How do they keep calm while you carry on like a maniac? Get the scientific secrets to staying cool.
Photo:  Elinor Carucci
Model balancing on tightrope
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