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When to Ask for a Promotion

Ready to take the next step in your career? Know when to ask for your much-deserved promotion.

By Dave Baldwin
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Angling for more money or a title jump? Quick—get on your boss’s calendar. In general, June and July are two of the three best months to speak to her about a promotion (January is the other), according to data collected by the professional networking website Why? “An employee who is promoted in the summer has time to get up to speed in the new position before the busy fall season begins,” says Kendra Reddy, the executive director of Blueprint Strategies, a career consulting firm based in Toronto. In particular, employees who work in accounting, defense and space, education management, higher education, nonprofit management and research, or the military are most likely to receive a bump. LinkedIn found that these fields all see an increase in promotions during the warmer months.

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