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How to Find a Job (Yes, Even Now)

In a job market that’s nothing short of daunting, these nine women recently landed terrific positions. They share their strategies with you.

By Stephanie Booth
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“I Posted My Résumé on Craigslist”

Liora Stein
The job she landed:
Strategic business and product-development coordinator.

How she did it: Over the years, had been good to Liora. She had found ride shares, scored free furniture, and even met her fiancé, Louis, there. And so, last spring, when she moved from Atlanta, where she owned her own business, to Brooklyn, she posted her résumé on Craigslist’s New York site. Her post, titled HEALTH-CARE PRODUCT EXECUTIVE LOOKS FOR ASSIGNMENT, went up at 11 p.m. on a Sunday. By the next morning, the CEO of a medical-supply company in Brooklyn had looked at Liora’s résumé and responded, asking for her salary requirements. When Liora, 47, left the subsequent interview, she was elated. Not only was her potential employer amenable to her traveling frequently back to Atlanta, where her three children live with her ex-husband, but the office was also easily walkable from her new apartment. “People think Craigslist is the unlikeliest place to look for a legitimate, good-paying job,” she says, “but this position was everything I had hoped for and more.”

Make This Strategy Work for You

  • List your résumé only in the Resume section, not in the Jobs Discussion Forum or in Gigs. Employers won’t find it in those areas.
  • Never include a cell-phone number or an exact home address. Remember: Anyone can look at your listing. Instead, set up a dedicated voice-mail number for your work calls.
  • Represent yourself professionally. No creative spelling or impassioned pleas, says Palmer.
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