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7 Secrets for Launching a Business You Care About

When lawyer Reshma Saujani lost a primary bid for Congress in 2010, she didn’t miss a beat: She wrote a book about how fear of failure holds women back and founded Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that has taught computer science to thousands of kids. She’s on a mission to build the next generation of female tech leaders. Saujani, 39, spoke with Real Simple about closing the gender gap and the value of a “try, try again” attitude.

5 Foolproof Tips for Dressing for Work

For when your go-to black sheath dress is at the cleaners. 

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7 Servings of Work Wisdom From White House Chef Cristeta Comerford

When Cristeta Comerford was 21, she came to the United States from the Philippines and took the first job she could get, in the kitchen of an airport hotel. Ten years ago, at age 42, she became the White House executive chef—the first woman in that role. Comerford took some time to speak with Real Simple about rallying talent, keeping calm, and feeding the country’s most influential family.