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8 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Stuck in a rut at work? These eight strategies will help you get your positive attitude back on track.

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5. Make Sure You Take Your Vacation Days

Americans will give up roughly 226 million vacation days this year. Don’t be one of them. One report found that 48% of workers felt happier and more positive about their workplaces after taking a vacation. Since feeling cynical about your office is one of the key causes of burnout, taking a vacation is an easy (and fun…and potentially margarita-filled) way to keep yourself going.


6. Develop Your Interests and Hobbies Outside of the Office

Is your self-worth and identity solely based on your work? If so, you’re highly at-risk for burnout. Devoting time to your interests and hobbies outside of the office will make you a happier and more well-rounded individual. If you can’t remember the last time you indulged in a hobby, think back to what you enjoyed as a child or teen. Consider joining a sports team, picking up a foreign language or volunteering.

7. Take Breaks

Take some time to recharge during the day. Pause your work to help you maintain good eyesight, or take a walk to help you stay in shape, even when you don’t have time to hit the gym. Alternatively, ask a co-worker out to coffee. Establishing positive relationships at the office will make you happier and help you live longer. (Seriously, science says so.)

8. Take Time to Evaluate Your Career Path

If you’ve been chugging along on the same path for a long time and are feeling signs of burnout, take the time to consider your career. Have your values changed since you first started in your profession? Or is it that the values of your particular company or employer have changed? Are you not being sufficiently challenged—or are you overburdened? Ask yourself the tough questions to help you figure out the next step that’s right for you and your long-term goals.

Not sure if what you're feeling is burnout? Here are ten ways to spot it.

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