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How to Choose the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Photo

Fact: Your profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed if it includes your picture. But is it better if that photo is black and white or in color? A full-body shot or zoomed in? Top pros give us a quick snapshot of how to pick (or take) the right picture.

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5 Ways to Finally Get the Raise You Deserve

Negotiating for a raise or a promotion may not be your idea of fun. But New York City mediator Elizabeth Clemants says that the ability to build trust and rapport—which women are naturally quite good at, thank you—also makes us nimble negotiators. Clemants's tips will help you get what you want—and feel immensely more at ease asking for it.

7 Tips for Holding Your Own in a Tough Business

Nina Jacobson was at the hospital with her partner, who was in labor with their third child, when she got the shocking news that she was being fired from her job as president of the Walt Disney Motion Picture Group. Jacobson went on to start her own production company, Color Force—the studio behind The Hunger Games. Walking briskly through a back lot, Jacobson, 50, spoke with Real Simple about career bumps (this was her third firing) and what she’s learned about balance (or lack thereof) by being her own boss.

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Yes, we’ve made progress, but there’s still a long way to go.