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“You Can’t Change Women’s Roles Without Changing Men’s Roles”

Anne-Marie Slaughter on why we need to celebrate and support stay-at-home dads, the one question men and women should ask their employers, and why she hates the term “work-life balance.”

My Neighbor Burned Down My Apartment Building. I Wish I Had Been Kinder to Her.

When the troubled woman in the apartment upstairs started a lethal fire, writer Lisa Gornick found herself without a home—and wondering if a few small kindnesses might have made a difference.

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7 Secrets for Launching a Business You Care About

When lawyer Reshma Saujani lost a primary bid for Congress in 2010, she didn’t miss a beat: She wrote a book about how fear of failure holds women back and founded Girls Who Code, a nonprofit that has taught computer science to thousands of kids. She’s on a mission to build the next generation of female tech leaders. Saujani, 39, spoke with Real Simple about closing the gender gap and the value of a “try, try again” attitude.