What Bad Habit Do You Wish You Could Break?

Here, readers list all of the bad habits they would love to live without.

Interrupting people. Growing up with nine siblings, I had to talk over everyone if I wanted to get a word in edgewise. But my husband has pointed out that I interrupt as an adult, too. In casual conversations with friends, I often can’t wait to put in my two cents.
Christina Neukam

If I could kick my addiction to my cell phone, I think I would have a fuller life. I would take the time to appreciate my surroundings—to notice the curl of a leaf, the shape of a rain droplet, the beauty of a nearby house—more than I do now.
Willow Dea
Austin, Texas

Eavesdropping. I know that it’s rude, but when I hear a conversation going on behind a closed door, I can’t help listening to it.
Devora Mael
Baltimore, Maryland

I never put the tops back on jars, tubes, and bottles. The result: congealed foundation, dried-up toothpaste, and dishwashing soap all over the floor. I would save myself a lot of time and money if I just stuck those tops on.
Nina Laramore
Santa Rosa, California

When I was a teen, I would go to the local pool every day of the summer—and at lunch I would order French fries. Ever since then, I’ve been a dedicated connoisseur. I know the best local purveyor, the best frozen version, the best fast-food variety. If fries are on the menu, I just can’t resist.
Kati Brick
Plymouth, Minnesota