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What Bad Habit Do You Wish You Could Break?

Here, readers list all of the bad habits they would love to live without.

Illustration of a woman with a monkey on her shoulder holding a smartphoneChristopher Silas Neal

To my great chagrin, I never seem to finish what I start. My home is filled with half-done projects: a piece of a sweater I began to knit, a partially painted canvas, an incomplete scrapbook of my trip to Ecuador. If only my good intentions had been strong enough to keep me going on them.
Rachael LaPlante
Rochester, Michigan

I don’t remember when I started biting my nails, but I do remember my mother bribing me with a new My Little Pony to get me to stop. (It worked only until I earned the prize.) As an adult, I’ve mostly curbed the habit—except when I’m nervous or thinking hard. I should wear gloves while I prepare my tax return.
Janet Williams
San Jose, California

Before I had my daughter, I was always on the hunt for new work outfits. But now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, I don’t really need that many clothes, so instead I shop—too often—for my kid. We already have four bins of clothing she has out-grown, and she’s only 11 months old. I hope my second child is a girl, too.
Monica Kopecky
Plano, Illinois

Overpacking is my weakness. I can’t seem to travel anywhere without at least three large bags.
Emma Ford
Suffolk, Virginia

Despite my best intentions, I always let my car get cluttered. Only when unopened mail starts falling out of the pockets in the doors do I buck up and clean.
Llalla Shahar
Bethel, Vermont

Insulting myself. I think things that I would never say to another person—“I’m such a slacker at work”; “Why can’t I run faster?”—or tolerate anyone saying to me.
Erin Kennedy
Lock Haven, Pennsylvania

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