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Kids, What is the One Thing You Can’t Live Without?

Shockingly, the ever dependable blankie didn’t get a shout-out, but shoes, soda, and cheese did. Go figure.

Boy wearing a paper hatMonica
I couldn’t live without music, because it has feelings just like we do ― it can be happy, sad, or just normal.
Carrie, 10
Atlanta, Georgia
My bobos ― the bunnies I sleep with.
Ella, 5
St. Louis, Missouri
Parmesan cheese.
Mallory, 2
Palo Alto, California
I cannot live without my accessories, because necklaces, earrings, and bracelets make me look fabulous!
Amani, 9
Brooklyn, New York
Shoes, because I like them and they protect my feet.
Cassandra, 8
Dyersburg, Tennessee
What I couldn’t live without is my sister, because my life would be more empty. My life would be missing a piece, like a puzzle waiting for its final part. I am so spoiled because I have a great relationship with my sister, and without it I know I would not be who I am.
Katrina, 11
Brooklyn, New York
I can’t live without my toys. I love them, and I don’t want to give them away.
Noah, 4
Houston, Texas
My little blue bunny.
Cole, 3
Germantown, Tennessee
I could not live without Polly Pockets, because I play with them every day.
Sophie, 6
Atlanta, Georgia
Books. They give me information.
Trevor, 9
Trumbull, Connecticut


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