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The Get It Together Plan  

How to get your life organized and streamlined, with a meal planner, to-do lists, organizational tips, and more.  

Be Prepared

Best Foods to Stockpile for an Emergency
Stock up on these nonperishable food items to help you weather a natural disaster with less stress.

How to Prepare for an Emergency
Take steps to prevent and act fast should disaster―big or small―strike.

6 Fire Prevention Tips
Most residential fires happen during the winter. Take these steps to ensure your home doesn't go up in flames. 

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Your Weekday Dinner Planner

No more frantic dashes to the market (or mad forages through the pantry). Just fill in this genius planner and you’re guaranteed to have what you need, when you need it, throughout your busy week. 
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Your Ultimate To-Do List

An easy way to record macro and micro goals and to clear your head for calmer thoughts.
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How to Tackle Your To-Do List

No matter your method for keeping track of lists, we have simple strategies for ensuring everything gets crossed off.
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10 Ways to Rethink Your Lists

Simple strategies to ensure everything gets crossed off.
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Groceries on a kitchen counter
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Day planner

Work Ahead

Spiced Braised Beef With Sweet Potatoes

Easy Make-Ahead Meals
No time to cook when you get home? Stock up on these fridge- and freezer-friendly meals ahead of time, and you’ll never go hungry again.

Herb-Roasted Pork Shoulder

Make-Ahead Dinner Party Menu
This easy-to-execute game plan ensures that the meal will be delicious and the host (that’s you) will be relaxed, happy, and nowhere near the kitchen.

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Emergency Plan Checklist

Disasters, natural or man-made, often come without warning. Have these supplies and details organized ahead of time, and you’ll weather the storm with less stress.

  • Know your area and what disasters are possible. If you live in a flood plain or your town is on an active fault line, you need to plan accordingly. Check for what to expect in your area.
  • Create a basic emergency supply kit. Be sure that it includes the following: Water (have one gallon per person, per day, for three days—for drinking and sanitation); food (have a three-day supply of nonperishable items); can opener; battery-powered radio; flashlight; extra batteries; moist towelettes and garbage bags (for sanitation needs); local maps (if your preplanned evacuation route isn’t passable, you can navigate back roads, if necessary); first-aid kit; whistle (to signal for help); wrench or pliers (to turn off utilities); dust mask
  • Consider a few extra items, depending on your family’s needs. These might be: Food, medication, and toys for pets; infant formula and diapers; extra eyeglasses; an extra prescription slip or refill of important medications (talk to your doctor); comfortable shoes and a change of clothing for each family member; blankets or sleeping bags

View The Entire Checklist

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