Ideas and Tips

No matter how old your kids are you’ll find helpful tips,
ideas, and recipes for beating the back-to-school blues.
From stocking a college dorm room, to preparing for
that very first first day of school, this A-to-Z guide has
everything covered.

Don’t Stress

Illustration of a mother, a teacher, and children

11 Teacher’s Tips on How to Handle Children
Having trouble getting just one child to quiet down or clean up? Imagine wrangling 20. These classroom tricks will keep kids on track.

Business woman with grocery bags holding baby and talking on phone

Last-Minute Survival Guide for Parents
Need a kid’s costume, pronto? Desperate to find a replacement babysitter for your dinner reservation? Help is on the way

Little boy reading in bed

Back-to-School Child-Health Guide
Your children may be bringing home more than assignments: how to spot, prevent, and treat 13 illnesses your kids could contract at school.

Play-Doh holding sparklers

New Uses for Old Things: Kids Edition
Clever ways to repurpose everyday items.

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Get Organized

Broken Crayola crayons

How to Shop for School Supplies
Smart money-saving tips and eco-friendly advice.

Back to School Organizer
It’s the return of morning-hustle-out-the-door, scheduling, and paperwork chaos. No problem: Find easy organizing ideas in this interactive planner.

8 Ingenious Homework Help Sites
When your children’s homework has even you stumped, try these smart sites for answers.

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Eat Healthy

Back to Nature Crispy Cheddars

Healthy Back-to-School Snacks
According to Marilyn Tanner-Blasiar, a dietitian at Washington University School of Medicine, kids’ snacks (except cheese) should have fewer than 200 calories per serving and contain a daily value of 8 percent or less in total fat. These snacks fit the bill.

10 Sandwich Recipes to Spice Up a Back-to-School Lunch
Does your kid turn up his nose at basic peanut butter and jelly? Make lunchtime more fun with these 10 creative twists.

A Week of Family Dinners
You have enough on your hands right now. Let us figure out dinner.

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Baby nursery for Kate and Thomas

20 Creative Décor Ideas for Kids’ Rooms
Inspired ways to keep spaces cheerful, distinctive, and organized.

20 Fresh Dorm Bedding Buys
Head to college in style with comfortable bedding that will instantly transform your dorm room.

Playful Decorating Ideas
Five foolproof ways to give your home a touch of childlike whimsy—without sacrificing your adult aesthetic.

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