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The Guide to Happiness

Quick tricks for instant bliss, and the secrets of staying happy long-term.

Perk Up

30 Ways to Get Your Energy Level Zooming
If you’re slow to wake and quick to crash, you need a personal renewable energy plan.

Revisit Your Favorite Children’s Books
They’ll enchant―and surprise―you all over again.

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9 Surprising Things That Will Make You Happy

Surprising ways to instantly improve your mood.
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10 Ways to Make Positive Changes in Your Life

How to change everything from your dinner order to your career.
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9 Ways to Be Happier

Try these simple tips to help lift your spirits. You'll be happy you did.
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The Psychology of Happiness

Learning to be grateful for the ordinary things in life.
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Small Pleasures

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What One Small Thing Makes You Happy?
Everyday moments and objects pack a powerful emotional punch. Here, Real Simple readers share the little stuff that brings them joy. 

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Stay Healthy and Happy
Real Simple readers share their tried-and-true tricks for maintaining good health.

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House for sale or rent

Vacation Home Rental Checklist

How to find the perfect holiday home away from home.

  • Envision your ideal property. How many bedrooms do you need? Bathrooms? Do you want a house within walking distance of town? On a waterfront? Must it accept pets?
  • Determine your price range. Rates vary from roughly $1,000 a week for a two-bedroom in the United States to up to $10,000 a week for a staffed villa in Europe. Remember: Cleaning charges and security deposits may be tacked on.
  • Consider calling an agency. Renting through an agency is generally more expensive than booking online, but it guarantees that the property has been officially screened.

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